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Market Day Readings season 4, volume 12: Vigorous Amateurs Using Minimal Equipment Before Small Crowds

08/18/2012 12:00 pm
08/18/2012 3:00 pm

On August 18th, our commitment to providing local poetry as fresh as the produce our neighbors sell at the concurrent St. Johns Farmers Market rolls on with readings from local writers Rick Jolly and Patrick Bocarde! What finer way could there be to enjoy one of the last days of summer?

Rick explains:

i'm not entirely sure when i met patrick. it just seemed like we drifted into each other's company, which felt inevitable since we both moved to portland from the east coast in the early nineties and had been formed or deformed by heavy metal during our teenage years. i think we met at an open mic on grand avenue and then started running into each other at cafe lena where we both taunted the crowd with our experimental bad poetry (or was it bad experimental poetry? it's always hard to tell isn't it?) and where we commiserated & consoled each other while watching Kevin Sampsell do his sexy nervous microphone tricks as brian christopher hamilton looked on, asphyxiated from the waist down in his painted on jeans & snakeskin cowboy boots. we went to literally every friggin poetry reading and became ardent disciples of Dan Raphael until people started to ask if we were a couple (we only experimented with our poetry, though we are both very kinky writers). we were ridiculous AND ubiquitous. which brings us to now. this may be the first time that just the two of us have been the featured readers at an event, which is a big deal considering we've know each other since '92. (patrick claims we read together once but i have no memory of this & it ruins the nice little narrative i've got going so i'm just going to continue my amnesia which i arrived at quite unconsciously.) anyway, it's a big deal.
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